About us

So Simple Cosmetics is a Bulgarian brand of cosmetics inspired by the power of nature! The products contain specially selected Bulgarian and foreign herbs, plant and essential oils, waxes, floral waters and more. Active ingredients that instantly hydrate and nourish the skin in depth, giving it gentle natural care. Nature offers to us an incredible variety of herbs and natural oils that work effectively and harmlessly. The natural pharmacy is becoming more widely known and appreciated as more and more people are convinced of its beneficial effects. The So Simple cosmetic line presents different and unique products made exclusively of pure natural ingredients, combined in powerful formulas.

The pure extracts of herbs, plant oils, essential oils, etc. that we add to the products are extremely beneficial to the skin – they get deeply absorbed by the skin and nourish it. The skin is restored and regenerated. At the same time its protective powers are enhanced.

So Simple products are formulated to focus on areas of the skin that can often affect our self-esteem – areas where wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, rough skin, and others occur. The various combinations of effective ingredients stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the overall vascular condition of the skin, literally nourishing the skin. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and active ingredient formulas, they have a quick restorative effect on a particular skin problem.

Simply the power of nature – like a magic touch from a good fairy!

We appreciate nature and learn from it, while at the same time wish to keep it clean for us and for the generations after us. We at So Simple Cosmetics strive to use as much recyclable material as possible, trusting in glass and bamboo packaging for much of our product range. We pack the products in recycled paper boxes. We believe that the nature of Bulgaria (and not only) is our greatest asset and that we are obliged to preserve it, so some of our sales are donated to afforestation in Bulgaria.

On our site you will find only natural cosmetics made from 100% natural oils and raw materials. The products are manufactured in a specialized laboratory, in small batches, relying exclusively on manual processing. This ensures that the products are freshly made and retain the beneficial properties of the ingredients to the greatest extent possible. The formulas of the various creams and ointments are designed to help the skin recover and regenerate as quickly as possible.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin! It is soft, supple and fresh. Eliminate problem areas and give your skin a natural beauty! Be beautiful with the gentle power of nature!

So Simple Natural Cosmetics